Friday, June 18, 2010

1047: Chained carry-alls

Colour: Blue (AVAILABLE), Black (SOLD) (1 each only!)
Price: RM65

Our photos just cannot do these bags justice! They're so great to hold, and so durable! :D So Chanel, they are just feminine, fashionable and SO able to carry all..

With a base of 12"x 7", this is the biggest bag we're offering this update! Forget the scarf, you can put your cardigan or jacket in here, AND your A4 file! :D

Pardon the plastic covers on the handle, we'll leave it to the new owners of these babies to remove them. :) If you're looking at buying a new bag for work or travelling, or school, this is it. Did we mention it also comes with an adjustable strap for you to sling is around? 

Perfect at a bargain price of RM65! :)

1046: Multi-faceted biker chick bag

Colour: Tangerine, Black (1 each only!)

We are SO SO SO in love with these bags! They're so chic and edgy and can be held in so many different ways! The more we play with it, the more we so heart it!

Ways to wear it:
1. By the handles (Pic 1)
2. A flap on each sides (Tangerine on Pic 2)
3. Flaps on front with 2 zips in front (Pic 3)
4. Flaps on back with single zip (concealed behind flaps)

We're not done yet by the way, but you just gotta get one to find out yourselves! You can put the handles to the front, to the back, SO many ways to use it according to your mood!

Just for your info, the bag runs 13" across with 2 front vertical zips and 1 back horizontal zip. Then there's 2 inner zipped compartments and 2 unzipped ones. So handy to have!

These bags just so remind us of Balenciaga, don't it? :D *heart*

1045: Vintage electro blue bucket bag

Color: Blue
Price: RM55 (1 piece only!)

This is a classic vintage bucket piece that is sure to tickle the taste buds of many! Running 11" x 7", it has a big bottom that would carry many of your daily necessities. 

The man-made leather is soft to the touch, with a zip compartment and a mobile phone compartment inside, it also has 2 outer compartments that could carry your mobile phone (refer pic 3)! Shoulder bag or a sling, it's up to you with the adjustable strap. 

Perfect for school, college, uni and casual, this is a staple piece in our wardrobes! :D

1044: Elegant Sandy Bag

Color: Soft metallic black
Price: RM59 (1 piece only!)

Gorgeous soft man-made material in a soft black, this dearie measures at 10.5" x 4" at the base, and at 8.5" height(base to zip) it's perfect to fit your purse, phone, lipstick, even a scarf or water bottle! :D 

It's quite the perfect size for casual or for work, and it comes with an adjustable strap to convert the bag into a sling. There is an inner mobile phone holder and a zipped compartment, as well as a top zip to close your bag.

Look classy and elegant in this Sandy bag, one and only one in stock! :D

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Outage Notice

Dearest shoppers,

We will be away from 25th to 30th May, and will not be able to reply emails or smses. Please kindly email us if you require any reservation or orders and we will get back to you when we get back on 31th May.

Once again, we thank you for your patience and patronage, and wish to be able to serve you more in future. 

Thank you! :D

Friday, May 14, 2010

Featured in MY BFF (May '10)

Woo hoo~

Check out the link! :D

Our very own Sexy knit mini dress on My BFF Quickie updates

Many many thanks to My BFF! :D

1043: Royal blue seashell dress

Size: To suit UK 6 - 10
Length: 26"
Price: RM80 (1 pc only!)

This dress charmed us so much that we just had to get it! We had another piece in royal green which we sold to a friend. She loved it so much as she looked absolutely stunning in it! Remember, this are all one and only pieces you are getting here, so you're safe from wardrobe clashes! :D

This royal blue piece has hard padding on the chest, so the shape is always there. ;) Clinch it with something shiny to feel like a princess, wear it with black stockings to give it that suave look. Make sure you wear this with your 4" strappy heels for the extra confidence!

Please refer pic 3 for a more accurate colour (not exact though!). Sorry I couldn't get the exact colour, but be assured that it's nothing short of royalty. Please note that the diagonal shell details do not run across the back. 1 piece only! You won't be disappointed! :D

1042: Purple waves dress

Size: To suit UK 6 - 8
Length: 26.5" (excluding straps)
Price: RM60 (1 pc only)

Classy, elegant and perfectly made. What else could you ask for in a dress? YES, the price is astonishingly low! It's a bargain to get a piece like this at this price! Slightly padded on the chest, this piece is smocked only on top at the back. Wear it plain or with a clincher, you're bound to catch some attention. :D 
Label within says it's 65% polyester and 35% cotton. It has a slight stretch and it's slightly shiny. I wasn't able to capture the exact colour, but please refer to picture 3 for the exact colour but with a bit of a shine. Gorgeous, RM60, 1 piece only! :D :D

1041: Blood red waves dress

Size: To suit UK 6 - big 8
Length: 27"
Price: RM60 RESERVED (1 pc only!)

Ooh-la-lah~ Shiny blood red, such a temptress! This dress is not for the weak-hearted, for it will bring out the inner fire in you and make you the highlight of the crowd! :D Good for attending weddings and parties, even a date with that hunk you've been anticipating! 

The wave detail on the bodice hugs your body at all the right places. With padding on the chest, you can even go bra-less! Tone it down with a clincher and a dark cardigan, or else bling it up with some jewellery! Made of 65% polyester and 35% cotton, it's style meeting comfort! For a dress that doesn't show too much skin yet still screams sexy, this is the dress to go! At only RM60, exclusively yours only! Act fast, 1 piece only!!

1040: Cream geometry dress

Size: To suit UK 6 - big 8
Length: 27" (excluding straps)
Price: RM60 SOLD (1 pc only!)

Cream and hazel, what perfect combination! This cream geometry dress is so versatile, it will bring you everywhere! Work, wedding, parties, you name it! Slightly stretchable, this dress comes with some padding on the chest, and a pull-up zipper at the back. Made of 65% polyester and 35% cotton, it is comfortable and pretty! :D

Perfectly sculpted and so unique, this dress is a steal at RM60! :D
Do email me for any additional information you may require (for this dress or any other items you fancy), ask me for perhaps another picture? ;)

1039: Vintage red garden dress

Size: To suit UK 6 - small 10
Length: 25"
Price: RM55 (1 pc only!) SOLD

A vintage version in red! Bright with a hint of boldness, this dress is oh-so gorgeous! Wear it to your friend's wedding, garden party, even a pool party! Wear it to work if you want, put on a smart blazer and you're good to go! A dress that won't disappoint! :D Again, 3rd picture shows actual colour, brings out the green I couldn't before in the first two pictures. Hurry, one piece only!! :D

1038: Vintage blue garden dress

Size: To suit UK 6 - small 10
Length: 25"
Price: RM55 (1 pc only!) SOLD

Vintagey and so slimming! The petal-detailed chest accentuates your curves, just enough to show your curves. The skirt part is slightly pencil so it would help elongate your pins while still giving you space for your hips and bum! Made of non body-hugging material, it will let you breathe! :D 3rd picture shows the exact colour, where the leafs are green, they're really cheerful! My pictures really don't do them justice!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

1037: Indie prints top

Size: To suit UK 6 - 8
Price: RM30 SOLD

Want something subtle yet bold at the same time?? (Yes we girls are all that indecisive :D) 
This long sleeve top with indian prints is of thin material, comfortable and exotic to the feel. Roll up your sleeves or have them down, this top is definitely chic and trendy. Did I mention that the top is highlighted in gold? Refer pic 3. We can tell you it's just stunning to look at! :)

1036: Green poppy shift dress

Size: To suit UK 6 - 10
Price: RM35 SOLD

Sheer and pretty, this shift dress is sassy and sexy! Those shell buttons add to the exoticness of this shift dress. Sophisticated and fashionable, this piece can be worn with black stockings (as shown here) or even with your favorite pair of short shorts underneath! Better yet, bring it with you on your beach holiday, wear it over your bikini!! Shows enough to make you feel sexy and yet covered enough to leave it to others' imagination.. :)

1035: Sexy knit mini-dress

Size: To suit UK 6 - 8
Colour: Off white
Price: RM35 *such a steal!* SOLD

This sexy knitted piece is one-of-a-kind! Little holes within the lower part of the dress is actually pretty see-through and would be best worn with leggings or stockings. The material is not super warm thus suitable to wear in our tropical weather. Wear this minidress, look angelic, sexy and sultry and the same time! ;)

Friday, March 26, 2010

1034: Stripey babe sleep wear

Size: To suit UK 6 - 10
Price: RM40 (1 set only!)

Does this set look gorgeous or what?? The smoothness of the lycra and mesh makes the sleep wear comfortable and sexy, while keeping it demure as it's not transparent (leave it to the imagination!)
The pattern of ribbons and cutting are the same as the other 2 sets, so make your pick!! 
Whether you're buying it for yourself or as a gift to your best friend.. well, get both! or all 3 and organise a slumber party!! :D

Mail us if you're interested in getting more than 1 and we'll work out a discount. ;)

1033: Sweet peaches sleep wear

Size: To suit UK 6 - 10
Price: RM40 (1 set only!)

For those in favour of nude natural colours, this would be for you! Made with silky lycra and tight mesh, this sleep wear is comfortable and sweet for those nights when you need to pamper yourself. 
Long enough to be a dress, you could even layer it with some leggings and a cropped jacket to wear it out! As it isn't transparent, you don't need to worry if you've shown too much.

Sweet dreams.. :)

1032: Notti pink checks sleep wear

Size: To suit UK 6 - 10
Price: RM40 (1 set only!)

These gorgeous little things are so comfortable and sexy! The blouse itself is not transparent and it's as long as a dress. The black outlines are made of tight mesh, so it gives a more flowy feel to it. There's a ribbon on the lower left of the blouse, on top of the ribbon. 

Forget PJs, wear this and feel sexy enough to smile your way to sleep! :D

1031: Cowboy clincher

Price: RM35 (1 pc only!) SOLD

This cowboy clincher has a suede feel at the top, and it hooks up at the U ring to keep your waist looking svelte!
Hook up with this unique clincher and have some fun!!

1030: Checks please work dress

Size: To suit UK 6 - 8
Length: 33"
Price: RM 65

This gorgeous work dress has made us go *gasp* in a good way! The checks are so delicate, with hints of white, black, red and yellow! 
The ruffles on the side gives it a little bit of a detail, while the buttons run half way down the body still giving that buttoned-dress look.

Use the original sash, or use your own! We're thinking maybe a black clincher with little details. It would be perfect for the demure you. What do you think? ;)