Friday, June 18, 2010

1046: Multi-faceted biker chick bag

Colour: Tangerine, Black (1 each only!)

We are SO SO SO in love with these bags! They're so chic and edgy and can be held in so many different ways! The more we play with it, the more we so heart it!

Ways to wear it:
1. By the handles (Pic 1)
2. A flap on each sides (Tangerine on Pic 2)
3. Flaps on front with 2 zips in front (Pic 3)
4. Flaps on back with single zip (concealed behind flaps)

We're not done yet by the way, but you just gotta get one to find out yourselves! You can put the handles to the front, to the back, SO many ways to use it according to your mood!

Just for your info, the bag runs 13" across with 2 front vertical zips and 1 back horizontal zip. Then there's 2 inner zipped compartments and 2 unzipped ones. So handy to have!

These bags just so remind us of Balenciaga, don't it? :D *heart*