Friday, June 18, 2010

1047: Chained carry-alls

Colour: Blue (AVAILABLE), Black (SOLD) (1 each only!)
Price: RM65

Our photos just cannot do these bags justice! They're so great to hold, and so durable! :D So Chanel, they are just feminine, fashionable and SO able to carry all..

With a base of 12"x 7", this is the biggest bag we're offering this update! Forget the scarf, you can put your cardigan or jacket in here, AND your A4 file! :D

Pardon the plastic covers on the handle, we'll leave it to the new owners of these babies to remove them. :) If you're looking at buying a new bag for work or travelling, or school, this is it. Did we mention it also comes with an adjustable strap for you to sling is around? 

Perfect at a bargain price of RM65! :)