Friday, May 14, 2010

1043: Royal blue seashell dress

Size: To suit UK 6 - 10
Length: 26"
Price: RM80 (1 pc only!)

This dress charmed us so much that we just had to get it! We had another piece in royal green which we sold to a friend. She loved it so much as she looked absolutely stunning in it! Remember, this are all one and only pieces you are getting here, so you're safe from wardrobe clashes! :D

This royal blue piece has hard padding on the chest, so the shape is always there. ;) Clinch it with something shiny to feel like a princess, wear it with black stockings to give it that suave look. Make sure you wear this with your 4" strappy heels for the extra confidence!

Please refer pic 3 for a more accurate colour (not exact though!). Sorry I couldn't get the exact colour, but be assured that it's nothing short of royalty. Please note that the diagonal shell details do not run across the back. 1 piece only! You won't be disappointed! :D